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Cracked or broken teeth should not be ignored for any length of time.

When you are brushing your teeth at home, it is advisable to hold your brush at a 45 degree angle where your teeth and gums meet.

Our dental office is dedicated to the health of your teeth, which will affect the health of your entire body.

There are people who go through life barely having a cavity when they go to the dentist.

It takes only a few minutes for a VELscope to check your mouth and gums for signs of oral cancer.

Nitrous Oxide is often used when small children are having a cavity filled, as it will make them feel calm and provides pain killing properties.

Sometimes when you floss you will notice a small amount of blood, but this should disappear after you have been flossing for a week or more. Watching yourself in the mirror while you brush your teeth can help you to clean all the areas of your teeth and gums.

You want to visit a dental office that has the most updated technology and one where the dental staff keeps themselves informed of the latest techniques.

When you visit your dental hygienist, you can learn the proper way to floss your teeth.

03/09/17 03:30:20 PM

Preserving bone and minimizing loss of bone after one of your teeth has been removed is very important.

03/08/17 12:06:47 AM

When you receive a dental implant, it is considered a surgical procedure. Nitrous Oxide, which is also called laughing gas, can be used to relax a patient before a dental procedure.

03/06/17 10:18:17 PM

If you happen to lose a tooth, you should get it replaced as quickly as possible so that your bite is not affected.

03/05/17 05:39:54 AM

If you are an adult with crooked teeth, we can show you what Invisalign clear plastic aligners can do for you.

03/03/17 12:04:56 PM

If you break a denture and can't eat, you need to call us right away.

03/01/17 08:49:10 PM

One explanation of why people in the same family have bad teeth is that they may all eat and drink the same unhealthy foods and drinks.

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